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2018-2019 Supply List

posted Oct 31, 2016, 10:30 AM by LaShonda McCauley   [ updated Jul 20, 2018, 8:49 AM ]
2018-2019 Supply List


1 plastic supply box

1 pack Crayola CLASSIC Color Markers

2 boxes of 24 pack Crayola Crayons

10 glue sticks

1 bottle of Elmer’s glue

1 pair of scissors

1 pack of construction paper

1 1/2 inch 3 ring binder (white with clear front pockets)

1 pack dry erase markers

1 box of Yellow #2 Pencils

1 pack of pink erasers (not pencil toppers)

1 clear front pocket pencil pouch

Please keep a Change of Clothes in a large Ziploc bag inside your child’s book bag at all times in case of accidents throughout the year. Please include underwear and socks. * Please let the school know if you have any problems purchasing supplies.


1st grade

24 Dixon Ticonderoga sharpened pencils

2- 24 count Crayola crayons

4- Expo Dry Erase Markers (red, black or blue)

1 pair of blunt tip Fiskars’s scissors

12- Elmer glue sticks

4- Wide lined Marble composition notebooks

1 small pencil box

2 pink block eraser

Quality Headphones (NO EARBUDS, please)


2nd Grade

Pencils – 1 pack of 24 or 2 packs of 12 (#2 size)

Crayons – 2 boxes of 24


School glue – 4 oz. bottle

Large-Sized Glue Sticks - 2

Pencil/Art Box – Hard Plastic preferred

One - 1” three-ring binder (larger binders & Trapper Keepers will not fit in our desks)

Notebook Paper Wide Ruled (1 package)

1 Spiral Notebook – Wide Ruled; 70-80 sheets

1 Small package of Dry erase markers

Headphones or Earbuds

Book bag (no rolling bags, please)


3rd Grade

1-2inch 3 ring binder

1 zippered pencil pouch

1 pocket folder with holes

6 glue sticks

4 Expo Markers

4- 1 subject wide ruled spiral notebooks

1 box of 24 Crayola crayons

1 pair of scissors

3 packs of wide ruled notebook paper

1 box of 24 pencils (no mechanical)

1 pack of pencil top erasers

4th grade

1 pack of Ticonderoga (yellow) pencils

1 pack of colored pencils

1 pack of erasers (NOT pencil top)

Glue Sticks (minimum of 6)

1 Five Subject Notebook

1 pack of notebook paper

5 composition notebooks

2 two-pocket folders

1 pack of Expo markers

Quarles class will need the above items, plus one, 1 inch binder for ELA.


5th Grade

Plenty of pencils (replenish throughout the year)

5 composition notebooks, labeled with your name and: Science, Social Studies, Math, Reading, and Poetry

2 folders with pockets, labeled SS Newspapers and Science

5-subject notebook, labeled with your name and Math

Colored pencils

Small manual pencil sharpener

3 glue sticks (replenish in the new year)



Mrs. Herron’s class - one 1” binder


Mrs. Ready/Winkler/Crenshaw

3 -one subject spiral notebooks

1 pencil box

1 pair of safety scissors

1 pack of sharpened pencils

1 -4 pack of dry erase markers

1 -4 count pack of glue sticks

2 packs of crayons

1 pack of sticky notes